Best Google Apps for Researchers & Academic Writers

Best Google Apps for Researchers & Academic Writers

1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free web search engine (Figure 1) which provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature (academic publication) such as journal articles, theses, books, abstracts, etc.

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Figure 1: Google search engine main page

Searching in google scholar is as easy as searching in regular Google. Google Scholar returns the most relevant results first, based on an publication full text, author, source, and the number of times it has been cited in other sources.

When you search for a publication, google scholar often provides you with a PDF or HTML link to the right of the article title (Figure 2). This link helps you to find or download the item. When you click on the publication title itself, google scholar may only take you to a citation or description, rather than to the full document itself. Google Scholar will not necessarily get you to the full text of every search result, however abstracts are freely available for most of the publications.

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Figure 2: Google scholar search results example

2. Google Docs

You can easily use google docs to create and collaborate on online documents in real-time and from any device. Google Docs is a part of a comprehensive package of online applications. In other words, you can create and edit several types of documents including:

- Docs; a word processor; equivalent to MS. Word).

- Sheets; equivalent to MS. Excel).

- Slides; equivalent to MS. PowerPoint).

- Forms; an app enables you to create and share online forms and surveys, and analyze responses in real-time.

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Figure 3: Google Docs icons

3. EasyBib Bibliography Creator

Actually EasyBib Bibliography Creator is not really an app, it is an Add-on that allows you to easily create citations and bibliography (references) for your research paper. You can automatically cite books, journal articles, and websites, etc. Over 7,000 referencing styles (formats) are available in this add such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.

When you're finished creating your bibliography, click Generate Bibliography and we'll alphabetize your citations and add them to the end of your paper. It is worth mentioning that EasyBib does not only provide referencing service; they also provide other services including (Figure 4):

  • Plagiarism checking.

  • Expert check.

  • Grammar; finding and fixing grammar errors.

EasyBib Bibliography Creator, grammar check, statsplat, hussam ommari, generate citation and references
Figure 4: EasyBib services

However, these services are not completely free. The basic account type (EasyBib free account) is free but the service allocated to this type of subscription is not significant; in most cases, you have to subscribe and choose one of their available paid subscription offers.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a great app and provides a significant free services. This app grants you a Personal Cloud Storage which is a free data storage space to upload (store) documents, emails, photos, etc.

In addition, they provide a File Sharing Platform. File Sharing Platform integrates with Google Docs (Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms) to enable you and your team to create private and public content and collaborate more effectively in real time (Figure 5), plus you can access your documents from anywhere.

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Figure 5: Google Drive's File Sharing Platform concept

This platform prevent your data loss throughout your research work. You can store and share documents (data sheets, online surveys, slides, etc.) with your professor or collaborator.

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is used to manage and schedule your activates, events, and meetings. With Google Calendar, you can quickly schedule your events and appointments and get reminders about upcoming activities. Calendar is designed for personal and teams use, so it’s easy to share your schedule with others and create multiple calendars that you and your team can use together in your desktop and smart phone device.

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Figure 6: Google Calendar icon

Google Calendar is a very useful and easy app to use to manage your time throughout your research work. Having an online calendar lets you keep track of your work steps, tasks, and appointments.